Maniacal Ventures

DC Comics: Promoting Anal Sex Since 1969

We are all aware, I’m sure, of the steamy rumors concerning Bruce Wayne and his ‘ward’, Dick Grayson, but th

The Fighting Liberals

Here’s an excerpt from a piece on alternet by a writer named John Dolan: “…most of the hardcore academic pro

The Purple Pirate

I saw this book the other day and had to snap a picture. If I was ‘The Artist Formerly Known as The Artist Formerly Know

Early Adopters are morons. Long live early adopters.

There two kinds of people, generally, who buy new gadgets, software, and hardware the moment it’s released. These people

Farewell RIAA, we’ll miss you (like a horrible, burning ass-rash)

I’ve been watching the RIAA sort of crash and burn (or at least trip and smolder) in what, as a consumer, appears to be the

Let it snow…

Well, the weather outside is frightful since it’s been snowing pretty badly for about 24 hours straight. Being on the la

1988 is ‘Cleveland’s Tribute to 80’s Hard Ro…’ holy shit, is that a chainsaw penis?

I was cleaning out the memory of my phone, erasing my ‘Leonard Nimoy Sings Bilbo Baggins’ and ‘My Buddy Comm

Nad’s Hair Removal Cream – Minty Kiwi for your Hairy Huevos!

I’ve been looking for the perfect hair removal cream for my balls for a long time. I’ve found some with Kiwi, and

What the hell, Ohio?

This morning sucked. First, it looks like my state was suckered into voting for the wanna-be Bush Jr., McCain ass-sucking, Rep