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How I learned to stop fearing and love the President.

I just read this:

[Self inflicted] Death of Key West man linked to Obama’s reelection

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I’m sorry to sound like I’m trivializing a man’s death, but I need to rant. It’s been a while.

First, read this series of peer reviewed articles comparing the brains of people who test as liberal or conservative. It shows that conservatives focus on horror, fear and negativity more (among other differences, which I’m not judging, just pointing out). I’ve seen stories of people running over spouses, trying to secede, and now committing suicide over Obama’s re-election. I don’t remember these kind of stories happening to liberals after either of Dubyah’s terms. If I’m wrong, please leave a valid source as a comment.

There are lawsuits all over the nation about GOP voter fraud. There is disinformation about abortion funding, taxes, and healthcare. Asshole CEOs are using Obama’s attempt to make our nation healthy (and even slightly caught up to every other industrialized nation in the world) as an excuse to fuck over their employees. And yet people still think that the Right is… well, right. Excuse me, but are one or two racially or religiously motivated issues really more important than America, as a whole, being stronger? Is homogeneity worth being evil to your fellow (wo)men?

You want to go back to the 50s with segregated classrooms, McCarthyism, blacklists and lynchings? Well, maybe Argentina is still accepting racists, war criminals and traitors, but the voters (yes, Mr. Ryan, even your thinly veiled, racist-labeled “Urban Voters”) have spoken and we’re a country that accepts its immigrants – not just the Polish or Irish or Hungarian or… well, white ones; we accept all of our citizens, even those from an ethnicity than spans not only Europe but Asia, Africa, South America, but even that creepy, spider-filled place that makes a jam from beer run-off. We also accept homosexuals, bisexuals, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists and, yes, white, rich CEO WASPS. That’s just the tip of the iceberg that makes America amazing. (If I didn’t mention your ethnicity, religion or disenfranchised you in any way, welcome to America! Leave your real name at the ironic statue.)

It’s time to stop acting like you belong to The Imperial Legion from Star Wars and time to start remembering where all of these social welfare programs came from: our Greatest Generation. Depending on your age, it was our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents who lived through a worse Depression than we have ever imagined and world altering wars that killed more people and created more poverty than any of us should even comprehend. These people promised themselves they would do everything to keep their children and their children’s children from suffering the same way they did. They voted for social programs that still help Americans today, even the greedy motherfuckers who took advantage of these programs and yet, now wealthy, want to dismantle them.

We are ignoring the hard work and the legacy of our forebears because of straw-men and rich, selfish politicians and religions leaders.

Stop listening to people who want to own you and start looking at your neighbors and fellow Americans – the people on the street, not the people on the pulpit or TV News show.

E pluribus unum

Out of many, one.

We are more than just the biased talking heads, ignorant preachers, owned politicians; we don’t forgive or forget misinforming liars, holier-than-thou rapists, the sanctimonious criminals.

As Jim and company said – “They got the guns but we got the numbers.

Let’s stop acting like greedy, selfish Americans and start working together to be the kind of Americans that made this country amazing.

One thought on “How I learned to stop fearing and love the President.

  1. Please do not judge the GOP by the lunatic right and we will not judge the left by the Reed-Pelosi Leftists. This election was not about Obama-Romney, they were only stand-ins, rather government’s place in our private lives and the business sector. People voted for more gov’t involvement and I will begrudgeonly work within those parameters. Both parties need to reclaim them and bring back to the middle and invite third parties to speak. The social welfare of the War generation has been bastardized into a Dependency generation. They were designed to “teach to fish” not “gimme my fish cause I too lazy to work or learn or raise my kids.”

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