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A few thoughts on Sarah Palin and her Neo-Con Overlords

A couple of thoughts here…

Who honestly believes that, as the press has been constantly stating, McCain actually hand selected Sarah Palin? You want me to seriously believe that this wasn’t a calculated decision by party leaders? She admits to meeting him once, maybe twice, and I can assure you he remembers her not at all.  You honestly expect me to believe that he personally chose this nearly complete stranger over any one of his cronies? You think it isn’t obvious that his handlers handed him a slip of paper with her name on it and told him how to pronounce it moments before he was supposed to announce her as his running mate?

I’m beginning to believe that the reason McCain is so stiff is because his party has so many people who are so unforgivingly gullible and closed minded they don’t even need to use a particularly talented or experienced puppeteer for his public appearances.

What’s truly scary is the story about her asking a librarian how she could ban some books, and then threatening to fire the librarian for not wanting to help.

I also love how Obama and Friends don’t want to politicize the woman’s unmarried, pregnant, 17 year old daughter. What gives the Neo-Cons the right to insert their conservative religious views into the lives of every American daughter and then escape the same scrutiny from their opponents? There is no free pass, and by taking the ‘high road’, Obama is just doing what Dems are really good at, which is passing up every opportunity to call the Repugnicans on their own bullshit. I can guarantee that if Mr. Obama had an underage daughter who was impregnated out of wedlock, his failure as a father and his decision to drub abstinence education would be vomiting forth from of the necks of these Fox News Pez dispensers faster than a Cuitlacoche and Syrup of ipecac martini.


For every Republican Senator who wants to quell gay rights and is subsequently caught soliciting gay sex in a public bathroom; for every Republican Senator whose underage, unmarried, pregnant child shows the failure of the religious indoctrination and abstinence programs they attempt to inject into policy; for every Republican Senator whose crusade against indecency or fight for campaign reform or fundamentalist religious pandering belies their prostitution rings or Federal investigations into fraud or public infidelities, for each of these things that we ignore or take ‘moral high road’ around, we lose a valuable tool to combat these low dealing, corrupt leeches. We need to hit back. We are in a boxing ring, wearing boxing gloves and being pummelled and we are afraid to throw a punch. They bite and spit and aim for the groin and we can’t even bring ourselves to slap back.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t cherish the thought of a future where I’m at home in my shack, oppressed and broken and broke, listening to the propaganda blaring out over loudspeakers while I sit in front of my wall-to-wall American Flag, adjusting my armband, er, I mean my lapel pin, and eagerly explaining my moral superiority to the stormtroopers kicking in my door. Where, exactly, will our smug sense of morality get us after we’ve let another Neo-Con convert even more of this country into fascists and anti-education fundamentalist robots?

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