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Bush doesn’t want to leave Obama a ‘catastrophe’!

The Mad Emperor Bush, a greedy, self serving war criminal who’s taken a bigger dump on his country, its Constitution and its people than you’d find in a warehouse full of German scheiße porn, is now attempting to prove that he is also bat-shit crazy by announcing the following soundbite:

“I believe that good policy is not to dump [president-elect Obama] a major catastrophe his first day of office.”

So, the man that has illegally invaded a sovereign foreign nation, caused the death of hundreds of thousands of people including innocent women and children as well as his fellow Americans, destroyed millions of lives, ruined our standing in the world and strained our economy to breaking by funneling every dollar into his friends businesses and pockets in the name of said war. After putting our country into great political, spiritual, moral and monetary debt, he then thinks that by giving already unemployed or struggling taxpayer’s money to some companies that were busy producing over priced, non-sustainable, gas guzzling SUVs during a war on oil while their competitors were successfully building hybrids and more efficient cars not only is good policy but will avert a major catastrophe?

Let me rephrase this in a less political, world-view way:

“I’ve shit in your aquarium, set fire to all of your neighbor’s homes, called your boss and told him you slept with his daughter, scattered termites in your basement, spray painted swastikas all over your garage and invited every burglar in the tri-state area to a barbecue using the last of your food. Oh, and to prevent you from getting a splinter that might get infected and might cause you discomfort, I’ve removed all of the doors from your house. You know, ’cause I wouldn’t want to leave you with that potential nightmare!”

Respectfully, sir, shut the hell up.

Don’t you have some last minute rules to pass that trash years of environmental policy and make it easier for your buddies in industry to cash in by exploiting and destroying  natural parks?

Isn’t there some money earmarked for ailing orphans medical coverage that you haven’t stolen and promised to one of your corporate overlords?

Aren’t you busy selling the ranch you bought so that you could pretend that you were folksy to the illiterate morons who think your attendance at Yale was a stint working the line at a lock company?

Isn’t you time better spent moving your crap into the, until recently, white-only neighborhood in Texas you’re finally able to publicly embrace since your future prospect for political influence will hopefully never be greater than teaching Social Studies (including the Fascist history and failure of the Bush lineage) to a bunch of seventeen year old, eighth grade, ‘No Child Left Behind’ prodigies at your Aryan compound’s failing, underfunded, overpopulated, charter SchoolMart™?

Can someone get this guy a big bag of pretzels, please?

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