Reddit SketchDaily – May 22nd – Female Fashion

Just a quick sketch while eating lunch. May finish it later. Reference: Reddit link

Quick sketch of Dean playing guitar

Drawing Practice at Dean’s

I braved the bitter cold to stop by a friend’s house for a bit and do some drawing. Here’s a sketch I did with my

Reddit Sketchdaily – December 12th – Teddy Bears

Reddit SketchDaily – October 28th – Ghosts

Posted late because I was sick as hell with a big cold.

Reddit SketchDaily – July 1st – Lurkers

Instead of struggling and getting frustrated with the penbrush, I grabbed a few cheapie ballpoint pens I got at a Goodwill in

Reddit SketchDaily – March 21st – Slow-moving objects and things

Here’s one I think we can all agree on? Reddit link

Reddit SketchDaily – March 14th – Monster Trucks

So, I don’t remember drawing a car since I was in high school (late 80’s/early 90’s). I actually used to buy

Reddit SketchDaily – February 6th – Secret Societies

Nobody must know about the Sacred Order of Moose. They’re infiltrating big business! Just a quick little sketch I did at

Reddit SketchDaily – January 14th – Two images in one

I wasn’t really familiar with Joge-e before this SketchDaily, but it’s pretty amazing stuff. I did a quick lunch

Reddit SketchDaily – January 6th – Norse mythology

My quick attempt at a couple of Loki’s children, Hel and Fenrir. Reddit link  

Reddit SketchDaily – December 31st – Your 2012

Reddit Link  

Reddit SketchDaily – December 27th – View from your window

Reddit link  

Reddit SketchDaily – October 2nd – Centaurs

A quickie I did on the tablet. Reddit link

Reddit SketchDaily – October 1st – Funday Monday PLUS SPECIAL SUPRISE!

The options were to draw something you like to draw, dragons or the SPECIAL SURPRISE – Harpies. I opted for a harpy. Don

Reddit SketchDaily – August 9th – The Antagonist and the Protagonist

I was having a really hard time lately drawing but DuckingTape pushed me a bit and so here’s this. No color, done on a T

Hot Pepper! Reddit sketchdaily

Reddit SketchDaily – June 28th – Knights, wizards, and rogues

Here’s a quickie I did on lunch. Reddit link

Reddit SketchDaily – June 26th – Puppets

Quick and dirty lunch sketch for Sketch Daily done on a Transformer Prime in Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro. Reddit link

Reddit SketchDaily – June 18th – Movie Poster

I couldn’t think of any movie poster ideas and then this concept for a truly horrific horror film came to mind. Reddit l