15 seconds of YouTube Fame – in my shower

So, I put up a stupid video on how to clean the shower ‘geek style’. Over 800 people have seen me scrubbing tile o

Plain Dealer asks for ‘Bacon Love’

My sister notified me that one of the few remaining local rags was asking for some sort of submissions covering recipes, stori

Valentine’s Day Extravaganza Part 2 – Celebrating

In my previous post , I went over a few of the theories that attempt to describe exactly why we celebrate Valentine’s da

Valentine’s Day Extravaganza Part 1 – History

Valentine’s day is upon us, a day that sees love-struck men spending their hard earned scratch on expensive dinners, exo

Dirty, flesh-colored* wax shafts.

The 5 year old is fast becoming an artist lately. On top of almost continually sporting a grape juice mustache that would sham

Helping Canadian Crooks?

If you assisted a Canadian in committing a crime (like making an Uncle Buck sequel) would you be arrested for ‘eh‘

The Purple Pirate

I saw this book the other day and had to snap a picture. If I was ‘The Artist Formerly Known as The Artist Formerly Know

Let it snow…

Well, the weather outside is frightful since it’s been snowing pretty badly for about 24 hours straight. Being on the la

1988 is ‘Cleveland’s Tribute to 80’s Hard Ro…’ holy shit, is that a chainsaw penis?

I was cleaning out the memory of my phone, erasing my ‘Leonard Nimoy Sings Bilbo Baggins’ and ‘My Buddy Comm

Nad’s Hair Removal Cream – Minty Kiwi for your Hairy Huevos!

I’ve been looking for the perfect hair removal cream for my balls for a long time. I’ve found some with Kiwi, and