Hell Toupee – a political rant

This whole election cycle is surreal. The GOP lineup is a bunch of corrupt scumbags. Is there one candidate (on either side) w

Ranting on guns

People who claim they own guns for self-protection? They are 32 TIMES more likely to murder someone than to kill someone in se

On hearing about a minister being arrested in Alabama for marrying two other women

You know, a woman just got arrested in Alabama for marrying a gay couple. She was fined and will spend time in jail. Think abo

SUPERMOVIES: I’m both excited and kind of disgusted by this glut of upcoming superhero movies.

I want to see a few of these upcoming movies but it strikes me that this is also yet another example of Hollywood’s te

Political Rant, take… um, some large, Roman Numeral.

The more I listen to some of the local interviews from both Neocons and their supporters the more I get seriously depressed. T

A Fundie thing happened on the way to the rant…

This is in response to this article I posted on Facebook as well as some responses I got to posting it. The article is availab

Microsoft? Are you out there?

Did ANYONE buy a Surface? Does it game? Can you easily use Excel on it? Can you Multitask in Win8? When MS wonders why Surface

Sorry, Google. I guess it’s time to try B̶i̶n̶g̶ [CENSORED]

It looks like the puritans have won. Google is now censoring adult material in the US. If you do a search (especially easy to

How I learned to stop fearing and love the President.

I just read this: [Self inflicted] Death of Key West man linked to Obama’s reelection [Link to article] I’m sorry

Moar thoughts on fundamentalists.

Someone told me that they saw Blackstone, Sr. saw a woman in half and put her back together. This doesn't make Blackstone the

The Great NetFlix Price Increase of ’11

Netflix is being blasted by people for its new pricing model. I don’t understand why people are getting so angry over what i

The Donald – Show Me The Failure!

“Why does the GOP like the Donald?”, I began to wonder after seeing his grimacing visage plastered on every damn web page

Note to all laptop manufacturers

Dear manufacturer of every laptop I have ever seen. No one uses their mouse on their lap. No one positions their mouse directl

Defeating Piracy by making it irrelevant

The first problem with the current model is that it only works through artificial scarcity. You buy a copy of a game for $60,

I hate PT Cruisers

Walking out to my car this morning, the brief screech of a vehicle making a too-fast turn caught my attention and I witnessed

My Technology Nightmare

I don't remember the next twenty minutes or so very well. I think that I actually scratched lines in the drywall with a clawed

Problem Report to Microsoft

Since Microsoft’s Xbox problem reporting tool only allows 500 characters, I left a brief message and a link to this long

Product Review: Motorola Bluetooth Earpiece

Anything is better than, after bumping one of these with a bare ass on a Friday night, a Monday morning spent explaining to y

Yay! ‘Miracle’ on the Hudson proved god is TEH AWESOMES! Bah!

Enough of this crap. Please. I’m getting tired of the whining, well funded and “Government Approved” Christi

Bush doesn’t want to leave Obama a ‘catastrophe’!

The Mad Emperor Bush, a greedy, self serving war criminal who’s taken a bigger dump on his country, its Constitution and

Asshole Driving Maneuvers Update (plus some unsolicited, opinionated ranting)

Ahh, winter is upon us which means that normally bad drivers who would normally cause little more than inconvenience and heada

The Ugly, the Bad and the Good

I’d like to say it’s all down to Daylight Savings Time. This morning is so bright and clear, with the red and yell

“Stop Politicizing My Rapture Fantasy!”

I’d like to call on all of you zombie sheep Christians to try a little thought experiment. I know that your priest, prea

Delusional Self Importance

Driving into work today, there was a huge, shiny, black Hummer H3 taking up a lane and a half to my right. I would argue that

Walk for Wall Street

My better half pointed out something that got me to thinking. The kids’ schools have 3 different fundraisers going at on

The President Who Cried Wolf

I don’t know about you, but Dubbyah’s whining and screeching about his plan to bail out his friends on Wall Street

Just another Tuesday… of DOOM

I just heard about the 500-plus point stock market dive. The talking-news-heads are saying this is the lowest the stock market

The Real reason Sarah Palin is [temporarily] on the Repugnican Ticket

After a little thought and a little discussion, I had a revelation about McCain’s (handlers) Veep choice. It’s so

A few thoughts on Sarah Palin and her Neo-Con Overlords

A couple of thoughts here… Who honestly believes that, as the press has been constantly stating, McCain actually hand se

McCain attacks Obama as the Antichrist?

When McCain’s ad people aren’t taking metaphorical dumps on the high profile daughters of top level campaign contr

Indoctrination Nation

When I was a wee lad my mother bought a loofah for our bathroom. I was terrified of the thing. I imagined that, if I got it we

July 4th for Foreigners

Merry Independence Day! To other countries who may or may not celebrate their own Independence days, the United States may pra

Geeking out with Ubuntu

Since Windows took such a massive, continent spanning shit on everyone with the release of Vista (which actually has a few red

Asshole Driving Maneuvers: The Lead Off

This particularly rage inspiring move happens when a driver, usually in an SUV, minivan or 18 foot high block of cement on whe

Open letter to Peggy Agar, haggish media whore

Peggy Agar, I’d like to talk to you about your recent actions and try and bring you back to reality. You work at a news

New FOTA sighting – Disney’s new steaming pile of dog shit

If you don’t know about the FOTA, or the Fluffers of the Apocalypse, they are the dire warnings of the coming of the com

msnbc: Gross generalizations + sterotypes + pandering to the disabled = Good Journalism

msnbc, font of unbiased knowledge and fair reporting, had the following story: Hackers try to cause seizures on epilepsy site

Pandering to Morons: Why GTA4 lets politicians and fundamentalists mock their own morals and religions.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, blithely rereading your bible and ignoring mass media, video game trends and reality, you a

New Scientist – Those wacky Brits are brill!

I just caught some articles on New Scientist’s web site about evolution. Usually, I would expect that an establishment t

DC Comics: Promoting Anal Sex Since 1969

We are all aware, I’m sure, of the steamy rumors concerning Bruce Wayne and his ‘ward’, Dick Grayson, but th

The Fighting Liberals

Here’s an excerpt from a piece on alternet by a writer named John Dolan: “…most of the hardcore academic pro

Early Adopters are morons. Long live early adopters.

There two kinds of people, generally, who buy new gadgets, software, and hardware the moment it’s released. These people

Farewell RIAA, we’ll miss you (like a horrible, burning ass-rash)

I’ve been watching the RIAA sort of crash and burn (or at least trip and smolder) in what, as a consumer, appears to be the

What the hell, Ohio?

This morning sucked. First, it looks like my state was suckered into voting for the wanna-be Bush Jr., McCain ass-sucking, Rep

SUV Safety Test Results are In… *ACK!!* …oh, jeez, I just laughed so hard coffee shot out of my nose!

My disdain for over large vehicles and my firm belief in their owner’s lack of mental capacity isn’t a secret. There a

Snow – it’s not just for politics anymore.

This is the view from my car this morning as I shoveled the heavy, gods-forsaken white evil from my poor little car. I am pret

The Secret Shame of an American

I am almost, nearly, completely ashamed to call myself an American.   Part of that comes from the fact that, in the U.S.,

Acquired Tastes, Product Labels, Latin Taste Coffee and Pig Testicles

So, Aurora bought some interesting coffee yesterday which she made this morning. Sipping and thinking about the flavor and pac

I’m definitely Not Lovin’ It.

I may sound like a grumpy, cynical bastard but I’m not. I’m a grumpy, cynical misanthrope. My parents were married, and I

Xbox Live needs remote soap-to-mouth application

I borrowed Call of Duty 4 from a friend of mine the other day and started playing the Solo campaign. It’s a very beautiful a

The Fluffers of the Apocalypse

  Most people are aware of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, whose arrival, filled with Death, War, Famine and, er, th

LOLbama can has change: A rant. (With humorous photo!)

So Barack was on the idiot box this morning, doing what all of our wonderful candidates do; namely spewing a line of mind numb