Drone photos and videos at The Guardians of Traffic, the origin of the new name of Cleveland’s baseball team.

Recently, the Cleveland Indians changed their name to The Guardians and have changed a new art deco inspired  logo. This was inspired because the old name and logo were explicitly racist, and yet, a lot of Clevelanders really didn’t mind and would fistfight a child that insulted “Chief Wahoo,” an obviously Native American version of the old Sambo caricatures, an image that about 23.7% of Cleveland men aged 16 and over have tattooed on at least one calf.

It seems that, at least online, the name and logo design are misunderstood by a large swath of the public as well as even a large numbers of Clevelanders, so I decided to get out the drone and get my own eyes on these towering statues that stand outside the baseball stadium at on the Hope Memorial Bridge, named the Guardians of Traffic.

I’ll be sharing links to stock sites where you can see and even purchase images and videos showing The Guardians at different angles and in different context than a lot of the “glamour shots” you see online.

It’s a heavily used bridge in the middle of a major Metropolitan area, and going over a working river and railroad tracks. The statues are beautiful and stark and serious and a part of Cleveland’s history and future that people who never visit downtown may not even know existed.

Side view of two Guardians of Transportation with the wings that inspired the new team logo
© Colin Tomele | Dreamstime Stock Photos
Wide angle of one of Cleveland\'s Guardian\'s of Transportation, Downtown and the stadium
© Colin Tomele | Dreamstime Stock Photos
Aerial view of one Guardians of Transportation showing its height
© Colin Tomele | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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