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Hell Toupee – a political rant

I asked Iddle to proof this post. This was her reaction.
I asked Iddle to proof this post. This was her reaction.

This whole election cycle is surreal. The GOP lineup is a bunch of corrupt scumbags. Is there one candidate (on either side) who hasn’t been caught cheating on their spouse, cheating on their taxes or campaign finance laws, bankrupting or ruining a company for which they were CEO, or charged with a felony? Trump, their frontrunner, is trying to see if he can get more divorces than bankruptcies. What’s next GOP, marital advice from a cloistered celibate?

A lot of these people are just crooks, plain and simple, yet a lot of Americans believe one of these weasels is a perfect fit for our country. I don’t understand it. If you support anyone running in the GOP right now, you are as ideologically and, more than likely, as geographically distant to me as someone growing up in Edinburgh is to someone who grew up in Madrid.

Listen to the rhetoric and the way the GOP speaks. You never hear anything forward thinking or positive.

“Make America Great Again” just means you think we have problems now and we need to go back to better time before they showed up instead of solving them. That’s fine, but you need to answer, “make America great again for whom”? The only acceptable answer needs to be a loud, “Everyone!”

Instead, it’s just copious amount of blame. Calls to fear a race, religion or dissenting voice. There’s the ever popular “lets spend six months on the public dime investigating something that we already investigated and resolved twenty times” gambit.

It’s always checking the shadows behind you instead of looking at the path ahead.

I don’t want to “go back” to anything. I may want to “look back” to find out how things got so bad, so we can fix them and make sure they don’t happen again. And if things are good, we find out WHY, and use that information, along with any NEW information, to develop an even better world for all of us.

We’re living in a kind of neo-feudalism where money truly is power and the wealthiest are sort of the new kings. They write or flaunt the laws, control economies, own vast wealth and estates. The rest us of must be serfs, toiling for the king, pretending we have a chance at bettering our lives, while we stuff what trickles down from the royal plate into a sheep’s stomach, call it a delicacy, and serve it to drunk tourists.

I don’t want to live in a modernized barony, no matter how pretty it looks now. I’d rather live in a kind of post-consumer, Star Trek society where focus is on art, music, science, exploration and spending some alone time in the Holodeck with some Romulan Ale spiked with tropolisine. Sure, there were problems. Klingons. Tribbles. The fact that every time you go through the transporter you die and are replaced. But it still seems like it would rock if we stopped trying to kill each other and, instead, used our different strengths to become stronger, as one people.

Except for members of the Tea Party and rabid Metallica fans. We want to keep you all from breeding if we can. Just prune off that arm of the family tree.

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