Just another Tuesday… of DOOM

I just heard about the 500-plus point stock market dive. The talking-news-heads are saying this is the lowest the stock market has been in 7 years which means that the stock market is at a level that hasn’t been seen since the most devastating terrorist attack on American soil.

Our economy is collapsing almost as fast as Sarah Palin after being asked an unrehearsed foreign policy question. We’re putting our ability to pay back our national debt so far into the realm of fantasy that we’ll need J. K. Rowling to write our next Tax Plan. Instead of spending taxpayer money on health care or rebuilding middle and low class taxpaying American’s homes, we’re bailing out multi-million dollar banks who are failing after ripping off the same taxpayers who are paying for the bailout, not to mention the millions of dollars we’re giving to the failures who captained these drowing ships. If I fucked up this badly at my job, I’d get a police escort, not a 14 million dollar severance package. You can correctly assume my job isn’t as prestigious as Corrupt-Bank-CEO but I also haven’t ruined quite as many lives in shady investments. I think a person’s retirement package should be balanced by the amount of lives they destroy. I also think that we should go over these guy’s records with a fine tooth comb and see how much of their ‘hard earned’ millions has been sheltered in off-shore accounts. Assholes.

So, to recap, the economy is even deeper in the shitter.

We’re also bleeding money to a war that the majority of people in this country don’t want.

We’ve got multiple crisis in the south while we’re still failing to rebuild from the last crisis in the south.

We’ve got some Neocon puppet yipping like a rabid, lipsticked Chihuahua about abstinence education while prancing her pregnant, teenage and single daughter around the media circus like a trained pony and screaming bloody murder if anyone dares make a comment.

We’ve got Bush’s spiritual clone, a man so broken by his Neocon handlers that he’s barely a shadow of the man he was only months ago, who’s whole policy, apparently, is to attack Obama and try to cover up his multiple gaffes, waffling and bald-faced lies, lies that can fact checked by any 4th grader who can get to YouTube and can type CNN, MSNBC or even FOX into a search box.

We’ve got people chanting ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ who then left the RNC in their Model T to return home to their plantation where they’ll read some of their bible by gas-light before composing a Thank-You note on their Vari-Typer and sending it via servant to the local telegraph office.

When will this bullshit stop? Open your eyes, turn off Fox News and just take a look around. Stop listening to this neocon indoctrination that says ignore and attack anyone who doesn’t agree with you and actually think about how much worse this country is after 8 years of this shit and how bad it will become if it continues. Again, how anyone that’s not worth $5 million a year can vote for these greasy, fraudulent motherfuckers is beyond me.

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