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LOLbama can has change: A rant. (With humorous photo!)

So Barack was on the idiot box this morning, doing what all of our wonderful candidates do; namely spewing a line of mind numbing drivel (my bullshit filters have been on lately so all I hear is a mumbling similar to the voices of the grown ups in Charlie Brown special but with more drooling). Don’t get me wrong, as US political candidates go, I would not want to see Mr. Obama ground up alive and mixed with savory pork fat and secret spices (and fugu toxins) and made into a huge sausage to be served to the families of rich Republicans, but I just wish we could have an election with a decent candidate instead of the typical ‘Who-is-the-least-corrupt-prolapsed-rec tum’ array of conniving, rich, lobbyist toadie assbags who would sell your soul to the Wal*Mart board for a Post It to write down the address of your mother so they could drive over later in their Hummer and beat her with the stack of bills that her Medicare didn’t cover.

Anyway, seeing the propaganda poster behind Obama, Stretch (my much better half) and I started making jokes, as is our want, and we turned to the typical standby, LOLspeak. This seemed to fit perfectly, so I decided to go immediately to Photoshlop, hack up a photo of the TV screen, and make some bumper stickers.

The picture is above and if anyone cares even vaguely about getting a LOLbama bumper sticker, click here.

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