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Moar thoughts on fundamentalists.

You know, the thing that’s been bugging me lately about the fundies is that there’s nothing to support any of their arguments, yet there’s no arguing them. It’s not just that there’s so very little reason and logic there, it’s the blissful and intentional ignorance. It’s almost prideful how much they seem to enjoy being oblivious and ignoring every iota of rationality.

For instance, say a fundie lost their keys. They would look, find them and then declare how Jesus helped, but what if they hadn’t found them after half an hour of searching? They’d keep looking until they did or they’d give up and get spares made. Would they blame Jesus for not finding them? Probably not, but they might claim how it was just a test of their faith.

This is the exact scenario that would happen to an atheist minus the Jesus. Jesus didn’t change the outcome and wasn’t needed. Jesus doesn’t actually do anything except receive praise. He’s like that asshole you work with that never does anything but Facebook and eat chips loudly, yet he still gets credit for your hard work.

People who claim Jesus did miracles are going by second hand edits of badly translated versions of second hand retellings of fourth hand parables. It’s like a generations spanning game of Telephone. This is a serious and life altering claim – that someone, decades after the fact, heard about someone who saw Jesus turn water into Manischewitz and that it’s proof that he’s the son of god.

Someone told me that they saw Blackstone, Sr. saw a woman in half and put her back together. This doesn’t make Blackstone the son of god, it means Jesus a barely passable parlor magician.

One thought on “Moar thoughts on fundamentalists.

  1. Jesus taught absolute love. That is all one needs to take from it. All the witnesses were Jewish who are credited for their humor through embellishment. Gospel is strictly transcribed but can be lost in translation both literally and evangellically. But if you need to witness an actual miracle: Jesus got Kevin Hickey to once admit Kevin Hickey was wrong. Amen to that.

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