Nad’s Hair Removal Cream – Minty Kiwi for your Hairy Huevos!

I’ve been looking for the perfect hair removal cream for my balls for a long time. I’ve found some with Kiwi, and some with Mint, but never have I found a testicular depilatory cream that featured both Kiwi and Mint. That is until now…

I give you Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Cream:


The weird thing is, I don’t think it’s actually named for the colloquial term for balls (shortened from gonads to people who grew up in a cave, religious commune or New England). Apparently the creator of this fine company has a daughter named Nadine, which makes the child (now grown and most likely attending regular therapy) a great scapegoat to allow you to name your hair removal cream company after nut-sacks and get away with it.

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