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New Scientist – Those wacky Brits are brill!

I just caught some articles on New Scientist’s web site about evolution. Usually, I would expect that an establishment touting itself as scientists and talking about evolution would be… well, rather tame and unoffensive, but New Scientist pulls no punches as they surgically dissect creationist myths about evolution. To wit:

“However, this “god of the gaps” argument is the logical equivalent of standing on a beach pointing to missing sections in a trail of footprints and claiming the creator must have flown between the gaps – even as incoming waves create more gaps in the trail, and even as the ordinary-looking person who made the footprints can be seen walking along in the distance.

This was in answer to people who say that, even if there is evidence of evolution, since we’ve got no way to travel back in time to see how we actually evolved, a god must have guided it. There’s much more well written, unapologetic and fact filled fun here.

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