On hearing about a minister being arrested in Alabama for marrying two other women

A sign I pass when I drive to D.C. It’s in my home state.

You know, a woman just got arrested in Alabama for marrying a gay couple. She was fined and will spend time in jail.

Think about that. She got arrested for marrying two loving people. The powers-that-be in her state and in this country have grabbed, shackled and carted off to prison someone for performing a beautiful act and ceremony because they felt icky. She will probably lose her job and have many other problems because of this. This will affect her and her family deeply, and in a very bad way. Because she harmed absolutely no one. She joined two people in love.

This doesn’t sound like the United States. This sounds like the Middle Ages. Do we really need to jail a woman for this? How is this constitutional? The Right is just shitting on the First, Eighth and possible Fifth amendments with all this fundamentalist bullshit. This is outrageous to me. Since when did we, as a country, decide it’s okay that we can fine and jail someone for what is possibly the least violent act in the world next to scrap-booking with the Dalai Lama?

I don’t care what your religious leanings are, this gay-hating and bigotry needs to stay out of politics. Your church does not trump my or anyone else’s inalienable rights. Your magic sky fairy stories mean as much to some people as do tales of Thor to you. Keep your God in your church, where it belongs, and lets focus on moving our country forward instead of trying to push it back to the good old times. You know… the late 1400s. In Spain.

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