Maniacal Ventures

Political Rant, take… um, some large, Roman Numeral.

The more I listen to some of the local interviews from both Neocons and their supporters the more I get seriously depressed. There was a woman describing her local pol and her description was, “Whell, he fought for what he though his cunsteechoowants believed in and stood by his guns, so I gotta respect that.”

Just because someone thinks strongly about something doesn’t mean they’re right. Schizophrenics believe in their hallucinations and delusions, it doesn’t mean I want them driving a busload of kids or making laws.

Yes, I know ideology taints decisions, but I still think that liberals and progressives (hence the name) want to make things better for the most (read: poorest) people. Our recent stock of conservatives seem to want to push ideology over logic, sanity or reality. Why would anyone fight a LAW that helps insure people? Just work on fixing it. Work on cleaning up the mistakes and streamlining something that passed both the public vote, Congress and the Supreme Court. Instead, there’s this ideological dispute where tax is bad, ‘big government’ is bad, secularism is bad, freedom (be it in love or women’s control of their bodies) is bad, black President is bad, and ANY discussion is ignored. It’s seriously like arguing with a psychopath or a religious fundamentalist. They aren’t open to rationality, discussion or change. I will argue my beliefs and my tendency towards Socialism (in moderation), but I am always open to a good discussion. The fact that people will shut down the government without argument purely out of ideological fanaticism bothers me. It smells of brainwashing and propaganda and mental illness.

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