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Problem Report to Microsoft

Since Microsoft’s Xbox problem reporting tool only allows 500 characters, I left a brief message and a link to this longer plea for help. I’m sure they won’t read it. Here’s the wonderful story:

I got an Xbox 360, loved it, became addicted and bought too many games. I have been eyeing a PS3 lately but since I got one of the newer, ‘fixed’ consoles, I was content and put my money into the 360 instead of getting another console. I was careful: I bought a fan the day I purchased the Xbox and always ran it. I had no problems at all. Everything was great… until one day, a week or so after saving up and excitedly plunking down a wad of cash on Guitar Hero World Tour with the drums, a copy of Rock Band 2 and a bucket full of (paid for) downloaded songs, I got the dreaded Red Rind of Death of the 3 light variety. I scrounged around for my receipt and found it. The date was exactly 364 days from the date I turned it on. This was bad enough, but remember that this was also the leap year that temporarily killed almost every Microsoft Zune on the planet.

I would have cried foul except that my box was under a 3 year warranty for 3 light RROD issues. You know, since every goddamned Xbox in the world succumbs to it eventually. Like effing clockwork. Like a heavy drinker and cirrhosis. But I was under special warranty! Yay!

So I sent it back after waiting a week for a label. Then waited a few more weeks. Finally got it back. Plugged it in. And guess what? It worked! It really actually worked! For about 2 days!

Soon it began locking up. Then it began locking up and going to a low res screen with error messages in multiple languages. Finally after a few more days, it shows a dreaded RROD again, this time a singe light.

So after fixing it I got maybe five days of use before it died again.

SO It’s now about 14 days since their email confirmation and I’m still waiting on a new box to send it to them so that I can wait a few more weeks so that I can get it back.

My trust is completely gone for this product. As much as I love the games I am so pissed that I’ve just plunked down so much money on such a cheap piece of junk. I really should have known better though. The Xbox hardware problems are a thing of legend. Never since the Pinto has a production flaw been so mercilessly mocked. And the think is I’ve seldom heard of a major hardware complaint from a PS3 owner… maybe I can sell some of my games and use the cash towards a new Sony box.

What really pisses me off is that it’s such a bad problem that they had to build a huge, automated system to resolve it. They actually charge you less for out of warranty repair if you use the online method instead of the phone because there are so many complaints they actually take a hit on paying all of the people to talk to the irate customers! They’ve even tripled the warranty on every unit because they expect their product will break and no one would buy them if it was only a year warranty.

I shouldn’t expect anyone to read this or to even answer my shorter request on their site. And I really don’t expect anyone to care that it’s already broken again. There’s no way anyone would notice that I’m reporting a problem a week after getting it back – there’s too many of them being repaired for it to be unusual. I really should have known.

Note to future self: when the company sells at a loss, has to spend millions to replace parts, triples the warranty and is the butt of this many jokes because of critical parts failures, consider going with the more expensive competitor.

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