Small Apps on the Nexus 10

I think I found a little workaround for tiny apps on the Nexus 10.

I was surprised to see that, with a screen so large, there was no way to stretch your apps full screen.

2013-01-07 16.26.50

Go into the settings and click on Accessability.


2013-01-07 16.26.55

Open Magnification gestures and turn it on


2013-01-07 16.19.04

When you get into an app where everything is tiny…

2013-01-07 16.18.53

Triple tap on the screen, then pinch-zoom until it looks good.


This is not a guaranteed fix, mind you. For example, Audiotools Sketch stretches okay for the main tools:

2013-01-07 16.37.46


But, you have to scroll to see the top right corner where the tool switching resides:

2013-01-07 16.37.53

I guess it’s better than nothing, though.




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