Maniacal Ventures

On hearing about a minister being arrested in Alabama for marrying two other women

You know, a woman just got arrested in Alabama for marrying a gay couple. She was fined and will spend time in jail. Think abo

The Devil Wears Saks Fifth Avenue

Bush doesn’t want to leave Obama a ‘catastrophe’!

The Mad Emperor Bush, a greedy, self serving war criminal who’s taken a bigger dump on his country, its Constitution and

The Ugly, the Bad and the Good

I’d like to say it’s all down to Daylight Savings Time. This morning is so bright and clear, with the red and yell

“Stop Politicizing My Rapture Fantasy!”

I’d like to call on all of you zombie sheep Christians to try a little thought experiment. I know that your priest, prea

Just another Tuesday… of DOOM

I just heard about the 500-plus point stock market dive. The talking-news-heads are saying this is the lowest the stock market

The Real reason Sarah Palin is [temporarily] on the Repugnican Ticket

After a little thought and a little discussion, I had a revelation about McCain’s (handlers) Veep choice. It’s so

A few thoughts on Sarah Palin and her Neo-Con Overlords

A couple of thoughts here… Who honestly believes that, as the press has been constantly stating, McCain actually hand se

McCain attacks Obama as the Antichrist?

When McCain’s ad people aren’t taking metaphorical dumps on the high profile daughters of top level campaign contr

Open letter to Peggy Agar, haggish media whore

Peggy Agar, I’d like to talk to you about your recent actions and try and bring you back to reality. You work at a news

Pandering to Morons: Why GTA4 lets politicians and fundamentalists mock their own morals and religions.

Unless you’ve been under a rock, blithely rereading your bible and ignoring mass media, video game trends and reality, you a

The Fighting Liberals

Here’s an excerpt from a piece on alternet by a writer named John Dolan: “…most of the hardcore academic pro

What the hell, Ohio?

This morning sucked. First, it looks like my state was suckered into voting for the wanna-be Bush Jr., McCain ass-sucking, Rep

Snow – it’s not just for politics anymore.

This is the view from my car this morning as I shoveled the heavy, gods-forsaken white evil from my poor little car. I am pret