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The Fighting Liberals

Here’s an excerpt from a piece on alternet by a writer named John Dolan:

“…most of the hardcore academic progressives I’ve known have tin ears. Their sheer awfulness is adaptive within the academic ghetto, in the way that a lack of any olfactory ability is adaptive for carrion eaters; but it’s disastrous when they try to talk to people outside their guild.”

This guy’s article is right on and worth a read. Kerry did botch it, most of the inellectual Left (oxymoron?) sound like the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon and we’re too busy looking for small bits of lint on our cumberbunds to successfully block those kicks to the groin the Neocons keep serving up.

He mentions a bumper sticker idea which is similar to what I wrote a while back. We need to explain to middle income Republicans that they are not only supporting but being financially raped by a group of very, very rich people who are selling a spiteful line of propaganda to protect their socialistic (or even fascisistic) and who give absolutely no thought to the peons they destroy to get more power and money. I’ll say it again: If you are not a millionaire and you vote Republican you, sir or madam, are a moron.

Where is the outrage? We’ve seen Bush’s ratings drop lower than the hemline of a B-list actress on Oscar night, we’ve heard the list of war crimes against the current administration, we’ve watched our dollar become worthless and our news become propaganda fueled bullshit, Entertainment Tonight nonsense and miscellaneous fluff. We’ve watched an elected, Democratic Senate kneel down and bend over to the Will of the Monkey and we’ve done nothing at all to stop it. What do we need before we snap out of this ennui, another Kent State shooting? What about 4,000 dead kids? Isn’t that enough?

Something needs to give, and when it does, we’ll either get our country back, albeit a ravaged, second hand place – a real fixer upper in Real Estate parlance – or we’ll see the logical conclusion of the current administration’s vile and dark machinations: a sociofascist state.

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