Maniacal Ventures

The President Who Cried Wolf

I don’t know about you, but Dubbyah’s whining and screeching about his plan to bail out his friends on Wall Street…er, I mean his plan to save his war chest cash cow… crap, I mean his brilliant plan to save the miserable economy he and his cronies help to destroy sounded so much like a small, pitiful brat surrounded by huge, looming shadows and weakly crying wolf to several million deaf ears that it made me ill. He’s screaming about giving taxpayer cash to bailout rich, public-raping firms while offering no regulation, no payback to the people, nothing but a big fat check with no oversight or penalties, OR ELSE! He’s throwing out comments about how bad things will get if we don’t give them what they want, as if the whole world will collapse into some kind of freakish, debt seeded black hole that will kill you and your family, now, RIGHT NOW, if we don’t give these useless, tax evading bastards your hard earned bucks to clean up their pillaging of the US financial markets and to make sure that they get their fat, multimillion dollar rewards for ineptitude and failure (known as severance packages).

G-Man, buddy, please shut the hells up. We don’t believe you anymore. I don’t care if it’s completely true. If you were to tell me I’d hurt myself if I walked into a brick wall, I’d do it to spite you because I’m so used to nothing but lies coming out of your mouth. That’s right, I wouldn’t believe the obvious truth as long as it comes out of Georgie McFuckbiscuit’s yammering coke-hole.

Do us a favor and try to leave with some grace. You made your corporate sponsors rich beyond belief on the backs of the people who supported you (and those that didn’t), who you promised to keep safe and make prosperous. You can take your filthy mouth off of their scab encrusted, wart covered schwangs now. You’ve done enough.

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