What the hell, Ohio?

This morning sucked. First, it looks like my state was suckered into voting for the wanna-be Bush Jr., McCain ass-sucking, Republican-in-Dem clothing Hillary. I didn’t vote. I have no great excuse other than my registration, which was turned in on time, apparently wasn’t entered into the system and I didn’t want to drive with two children in bad weather halfway around the state to cast a ballot in a county in which I no longer live to nominate someone who won’t be elected because he’s not on the right payrolls. After the enormous amount of fraud that happened in the last few elections here, I’ve lost any respect for and faith in our electoral system. So I didn’t vote.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to see someone come out on top. After the slew of racially biased crap Hillary’s camp has been doing lately (paying a group of people with dark skin to hold signs while at the same time doctoring video of Obama to make him look ‘darker’), and the absolute nonsense she’s been spewing, I really lost any hope for this next Presidential election. There’s an email campaign (wonder who sent that one?) that’s been going around that accuses Obama of not knowing the words to the national anthem as well as having Muslim beliefs, both of which are false. They showed some southern Ohioan talking about his anti-Obama stance because of these kinds of stupid rumors. I’m not saying Barak is the second coming of Lincoln – I can’t really stand any of the candidates, yet again – but I can’t decide which makes me more disgusted: the kind of people who have to use these kind of smear tactics or the simpletons who represent my entire state on national TV that are so idiotic and gullible and sound so dumb that I want move to another state just so that I don’t become inbred by association.

Friendly Hint Time: People, if you are not a multi-millionaire and vote Republican, you are a moron.

Although, you might just be gullible or weak willed. How many of Bush’s cronies are ex-intelligence? These people are trained extensively in mind control techniques – not some Bourne Identity garbage but real methods that have been used for centuries: propaganda, conditioning, social psychology and Culture of Fear to name a few techniques. Everything, from hand motions to their precise wording to the color of their tie is studied and quantified, compared and improved. Shit, even big business uses this stuff to some degree – if you’re paying millions of dollars for a commercial, you want to make sure it’s hitting people emotionally, putting them into a state eager for consumption – that’s why there’s classes in ‘Cognitive Psychology’: to teach how to make ads that are more ‘persuasive’.

These people have half of the country foaming at the mouth about unimportant bullshit, watching the Fox News propaganda machine, ignoring facts about their idolized figureheads and fighting with their own peers, friends and family in support of things that will actually harm their income, destroy their rights and give more power to those rich and protected idols. Any truthful yet inconvenient facts are ignored and insults are thrown at the people who speak them. Fanaticism, political and religious, is rampant and when someone questions it, they are greeted not with intelligent debate but with illogical anger, hatred and zeal.

And my state is helping to spread the fun and has been for quite a while.

And so that was how I started the morning: hating my state because of the people who occupy it. I hoped – no, needed something to get me out of this funk.

Then I walked out to my car for the long commute and had to spend 40 minutes chipping the nearly half inch thick ice sheet from the windows (breaking my scraper), another 20 just getting out of the plowed in and iced over parking lot and more than an hour on the shitty, slushy and quickly freezing roads. It was about then that I ran out of almost any reasons as to why I still live here.

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