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Yay! ‘Miracle’ on the Hudson proved god is TEH AWESOMES! Bah!

Enough of this crap. Please.

I’m getting tired of the whining, well funded and “Government Approved” Christian majority demonizing atheists and then claiming they themselves are some kind of small, furry, wounded animal who’s being gored by the monstrous, venom dripping unbelievers. And it’s bad enough that you turn neighbors against perfectly moral people because they don’t – no, can’t – believe some fairy tale that you choose to believe, but can we please stop acting like every time disaster is averted it’s some kind of miraculous feat of god?

I want to see more stories on the technology behind the plane: glorify the decades of research and testing by talented, intelligent, scientifically apt and highly trained structural engineers, physicists, chemical engineers, aeronautics specialists and test pilots who not only helped create these flying machines but made them safe; show us slide shows with witty titles about the years of training that the pilots go through to be able to react, instantly, to the thousands of problems and disasters that can happen on any plane at any time; give me more footage of the training seminars that all flight personnel go through throughout the year that teaches them how crowds react to stress and pressure so that they can control the mob and steer them to the proper exits as well as knowing what else to do during a water landing to maximize buoyancy and keep the plane floating long enough for rescue operations to arrive.

Show us how a group of people, when well trained and supported by scientifically sound hardware, can minimize or even avoid potential disaster.

There was no miracle here. There was a coincidence (a flock of geese hitting the engines, at last report) that led to a group of people to use their training to minimize injury and death when the hardware they were using (the plane and all of its systems) failed. If this coincidence had led to multiple deaths, it would be a tragedy and there would be rationalizing cries of ‘god’s will’ and ‘it was their time’. Meanwhile, engineers and scientists would be collecting data, sifting through the remains collecting forensic evidence, experimenting, testing and improving systems and learning from the crash so that the chance of this happening again would be at least slightly lower. Since no one was badly injured, we hear cries of ‘miracle’ and ‘god’s will’ and meanwhile engineers and scientists are collecting data, examining the plane, experimenting, testing and improving systems so they can learn from the crash and minimizing the chance, even slightly, that this might happen again.

This wasn’t a miracle. A miracle would have been some supernatural being instantly teleporting a badly situated flock of geese about 200 feet to the left. A miracle would have been both engines suddenly repairing in mid-air. It is not a miracle when a machine behaves in the way it was designed because of the quick response by highly trained professionals that are operating it. If this was a miracle, then apparently god is a media whore who will put lives in danger as long as he gets a good headline. If it is the result of men and women doing something well, then label it as such. Stop hiding good science and human excellence behind some fantasy – or soon we won’t have any more scientists and engineers and quick thinking pilots. The church may want to take us back to the Middle Ages but I, for one, don’t have the room for a horse and tackle in my apartment.

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