Radical T-rex

Bah Fucking Humbug

Today’s Coffee Shop sketch exemplifies my feeling about the holidays.

Donald Trump’s Front Row Seat for the Impeachment Hearings

Free sketching a metaphor about Marvel and Star Wars movies

Sketching on the Surface Pro 6

Just some free sketching, getting used to the feel of this pen. I love palm rejection using the Autodesk Sketchbook app and th

Trump’s Dream sketch

Here’s a link to the time lapse on Patreon (free).

Time Lapse Sketch and Ink for Spork and Fork

More sketching and inking of More Coffee head man guy thing.

More Coffee head sketching timelapse

Yeastie Boys sketch

While waiting for my bread to rise I wanted to test time lapse. Started “The Yeastie Boys”  

Sketching a test for Bluejays are Assholes shirt idea

The damn camera messed up the end of the video. Going to try my GoPro next time.

Welcome to the United Shitholes

A quick sketch that popped into my head. I did a messy sketch with a ballpoint, took a photo and then used that as reference/t

A little inking on a Trumpy, Last-suppery idea I was sketching

Sketching: Sasami yelling at me for food, which she does often.

A quick sketch titled, “Donald Trump Jr. to Donald Trump Sr. in the light of recent emails”

First sketch for “Donnie Drumpf, the Boy Who Had Everything Except Happiness (and Ability)”

Morning sketching with Sasami

Nothing like sitting on the floor in boxers, drawing on the couch next to a sleeping cat.

Possessed Corgi

Just some sketching around with the pen brush as practice, trying different lines, shaking, varying pressures, and such.

Name the Corny Keytarist

This installment is just me unwinding from a long week. I have some corn so I thought of corn singing opera. With a keytar.

Cheese. Cake. Cheesecake

To combat depression, cynicism, anxiety, and a quickly atrophying drawing skill, I’ve decided to try to draw at least on

Mask sketch

My head’s a mess, so I just started sketching to relax. It led to this creepy mask thing. Not really sure how it got the

Cleaning up the Puppeteer sped up 32x

Getting a feeling for the Puppeteer, sped up 32x

New beginning to the Puppeteer sketch sped up 32x


Making the horse more… horsey. Also, tracing. 20x sped up.


Changing up the horse on the VoA shirt concept. Sped up 20x


Adding to the game piece sketch

Early afternoon sketching, Dec. 13, 2015. Sped up 20x


Reverse “rock-out” hand. Saint pose. Always watching.  

Reddit SketchDaily – May 22nd – Female Fashion

Just a quick sketch while eating lunch. May finish it later. Reference: http://i.imgur.com/ULuIHV1.jpg Reddit link

Reddit comment – Pheromone Idol

There was a comment in a reddit thread I was reading: Alright, everybody who wants to father my babies line up in a row and I&

Quick sketch of Dean playing guitar

Time Lapse Sketch

Testing out time lapse of a QUICK sketch using Corel Painter Sketchbook and CamStudio…

The Devil Wears Saks Fifth Avenue


I haven’t been able to draw a damn thing for months now. I just get angry when I pick up a pen. So to keep even a trickl

Demon face

Sketch for one of the two characters talking in #2

Repugnican Voter Sketch

Just a sketch I did around lunch. Yes I know the nose is crap and the eyes are uneven.