Maniacal Ventures

Flyer for Bottle Kids, Pass the Flask, Kobanes and Assassination Squad at Burlington on 2016-03-26

Some photos from my roof

It’s in the 30s*, not too cold, and no wind. I ran up to the roof with my 70-300mm Sigma  DG and snapped off a few sho

Flyer for The Land Before Tim, Voice of Addiction, Solution Unsatisfactory, Will of Man and Local Catch as Cairo West on 2016-04-01

Flyer for Modern Day Rippers, Imbecile Missile, The Usuals and Welfare Beer League at Liars Club on 2016-03-04

Flyer for Die High, Voice of Addiction, and Ashell as The Burlington on 2016-02-25

Flyer for St. Thomas Boys Academy, Voice of Addiction, Full Monty, and Max Ether at Corktown Tavern DETROIT on 2016-03-12

Hell Toupee – a political rant

This whole election cycle is surreal. The GOP lineup is a bunch of corrupt scumbags. Is there one candidate (on either side) w

Making the horse more… horsey. Also, tracing. 20x sped up.


Changing up the horse on the VoA shirt concept. Sped up 20x


Flyer for Wrecking Ball Productions at Liar’s Club, Chicago on 2016-01-29

Flyer for Wrecking Ball Productions at Liar’s Club, Chicago on 2016-01-22

Voice of Addiction Lair’s Club

Adding to the game piece sketch

Early afternoon sketching, Dec. 13, 2015. Sped up 20x

Untitled Fall Triptych with Shit on the Lens, 2015

Ranting on guns

People who claim they own guns for self-protection? They are 32 TIMES more likely to murder someone than to kill someone in se

On hearing about a minister being arrested in Alabama for marrying two other women

You know, a woman just got arrested in Alabama for marrying a gay couple. She was fined and will spend time in jail. Think abo

SUPERMOVIES: I’m both excited and kind of disgusted by this glut of upcoming superhero movies.

I want to see a few of these upcoming movies but it strikes me that this is also yet another example of Hollywood’s te

I just made a pithy comment…


Reverse “rock-out” hand. Saint pose. Always watching.  

Reddit SketchDaily – May 22nd – Female Fashion

Just a quick sketch while eating lunch. May finish it later. Reference: Reddit link

Fitbit sensitivity

Reddit comment – Pheromone Idol

There was a comment in a reddit thread I was reading: Alright, everybody who wants to father my babies line up in a row and I&

Quick sketch of Dean playing guitar

Quick sketch

Drawing Practice at Dean’s

I braved the bitter cold to stop by a friend’s house for a bit and do some drawing. Here’s a sketch I did with my

Reddit Sketchdaily – December 12th – Teddy Bears

Reddit SketchDaily – October 28th – Ghosts

Posted late because I was sick as hell with a big cold.

Political Rant, take… um, some large, Roman Numeral.

The more I listen to some of the local interviews from both Neocons and their supporters the more I get seriously depressed. T

Washington Redskins [fixed]

Thanks to Michael for the idea. A little something I whipped up while eating lunch.

Reddit SketchDaily – July 1st – Lurkers

Instead of struggling and getting frustrated with the penbrush, I grabbed a few cheapie ballpoint pens I got at a Goodwill in

A Fundie thing happened on the way to the rant…

This is in response to this article I posted on Facebook as well as some responses I got to posting it. The article is availab

Reddit SketchDaily – March 21st – Slow-moving objects and things

Here’s one I think we can all agree on? Reddit link

Reddit SketchDaily – March 14th – Monster Trucks

So, I don’t remember drawing a car since I was in high school (late 80’s/early 90’s). I actually used to buy

Gentleman Zombie

I’ve been working on and off of this one for weeks. I wanted to do one of those old portraits of some minor British Lord

Thug – Breaking in a cheapie stylus

I ordered a few things from Meritline the other day and thought I’d throw a cheap stylus (2-in-1 with a regular pen, all

Reddit SketchDaily – February 6th – Secret Societies

Nobody must know about the Sacred Order of Moose. They’re infiltrating big business! Just a quick little sketch I did at

Reddit SketchDaily – January 14th – Two images in one

I wasn’t really familiar with Joge-e before this SketchDaily, but it’s pretty amazing stuff. I did a quick lunch

Small Apps on the Nexus 10

I think I found a little workaround for tiny apps on the Nexus 10. I was surprised to see that, with a screen so large, there

Reddit SketchDaily – January 6th – Norse mythology

My quick attempt at a couple of Loki’s children, Hel and Fenrir. Reddit link  

Microsoft? Are you out there?

Did ANYONE buy a Surface? Does it game? Can you easily use Excel on it? Can you Multitask in Win8? When MS wonders why Surface

Reddit SketchDaily – December 31st – Your 2012

Reddit Link  

Reddit SketchDaily – December 27th – View from your window

Reddit link  

Sorry, Google. I guess it’s time to try B̶i̶n̶g̶ [CENSORED]

It looks like the puritans have won. Google is now censoring adult material in the US. If you do a search (especially easy to

How I learned to stop fearing and love the President.

I just read this: [Self inflicted] Death of Key West man linked to Obama’s reelection [Link to article] I’m sorry

Reddit SketchDaily – October 2nd – Centaurs

A quickie I did on the tablet. Reddit link

Reddit SketchDaily – October 1st – Funday Monday PLUS SPECIAL SUPRISE!

The options were to draw something you like to draw, dragons or the SPECIAL SURPRISE – Harpies. I opted for a harpy. Don

September 28th – Free draw

A little something I started on back when I was visiting my brother in Chicago a few weeks ago.   Sketchbook Pro on a Tra

A unicorn pooping confetti?

So, it was mentioned in a recent reddit comment thread that I create a unicorn pooping confetti. I said I just needed a pony,

Reddit SketchDaily – August 9th – The Antagonist and the Protagonist

I was having a really hard time lately drawing but DuckingTape pushed me a bit and so here’s this. No color, done on a T

Hot Pepper! Reddit sketchdaily

Moar thoughts on fundamentalists.

Someone told me that they saw Blackstone, Sr. saw a woman in half and put her back together. This doesn't make Blackstone the

Reddit SketchDaily – June 28th – Knights, wizards, and rogues

Here’s a quickie I did on lunch. Reddit link

Reddit SketchDaily – June 26th – Puppets

Quick and dirty lunch sketch for Sketch Daily done on a Transformer Prime in Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro. Reddit link

Reddit SketchDaily – June 18th – Movie Poster

I couldn’t think of any movie poster ideas and then this concept for a truly horrific horror film came to mind. Reddit l

Sherlocky Self Portrait (with my ego filling in as Watson)

More sketching on the Transformer Prime. And, yes, I know Watson’s neck is all screwed up.

Hoodie design for Voice of Addiction

Voice of Addiction

Guiding Hand?

Just sketching around with the pen brush in my new Moleskin sketchbook.

Happy Halloween!

Drew this over the last few days. He looks about how I feel – I have the mother of all chest colds and have spend most o

Look at the effing skeleton…

Playing around with Sketchbook Mobile on my new Transformer. Happy Halloween!

Staff Day Sketch

Sketch of my friend and co-worker Sam that I drew during our Staff Day.