Flyer for Symbol Six, City Slang, Black Bear Rodea, and Atomic Love at Liar’s Club on 2017-04-18

Flyer for Hymen Moments, Headless Honchos, Donoma, and Won’t Stay Dead at Liar’s Club on 2017-04-14

Flyer for The Mizzerables, Modern Day Rippers, Full Monty, and Johnny Automatic at Liar’s Club on 2016-03-10

Flyer for Squared Off, Mystery Actions, Not A Part Of It, and The Last Great Riot at Liar’s Club on 2016-02-17

To Protect and Serve (the Upper Class)

My very quick and very slight take on Standing Rock.

Flyer for Oldes, Hacked Nudes and Nacho Trees at Liar’s Club on 2016-11-04

Possessed Corgi

Just some sketching around with the pen brush as practice, trying different lines, shaking, varying pressures, and such.


This word does not appear on Google as of 2016-10-06. blameschlop BlameSchlop blameschlop blameschlop blameschlop blameschl

Flyers for PUNKSGIVING Presented by Wrecking Ball Production and Friskie Morris featuring The Mons, Nervous Passenger, Turbo Vamps, Vortis at Liar’s Club and The Burlignton on 2016-11-25 and 26

Name the Corny Keytarist

This installment is just me unwinding from a long week. I have some corn so I thought of corn singing opera. With a keytar.

Flyer for The Stay Alives (Release Show), Horrible (Release Show), Doghouse Swine and Overclocked at Liar’s Club on 2016-10-13

That’s no horse! [Mashup]

This one’s for Bansky. (My friend, not the artist. Or is she?)

Flyer for Butchered, World War Me, Drones and Munch at The Burlington on 2016-10-15

Flyer for The Hamburglars, Headless Honchos, Tiger Sex and The Headspins at Liars Club on 2016-10-14

Cheese. Cake. Cheesecake

To combat depression, cynicism, anxiety, and a quickly atrophying drawing skill, I’ve decided to try to draw at least on

Flyer for “Punk Rock Weekend Kick-Off Party” featuring Voice of Addiction, The Damn Tracks, ESE at Liar’s Club on 2016-09-15

Flyer for Shitizen, On the Cinder, October Bird of Death, and Waste at Burlington on 2016-09-03

Flyer for Bombflower, Hate for State, Oldes, and Short Story at Liar’s Club on 2016-09-02

New VoA T-Shirt design – Vinnie Beating a Dead Horse

New shirt design for the band Voice of Addiction.

Mask sketch

My head’s a mess, so I just started sketching to relax. It led to this creepy mask thing. Not really sure how it got the

Something new: Grown Up (and Kid) Coloring Pages! #001 – Horny Turtleneck

Here you go! You can watch me sketch, rework and ink a monster, then color him it. If that isn’t enough entertainment, i

Flyer for Bottle Kids, Crab Legs, Die High and Blood People at Liar’s Club on 2016-07-10

I was calling this one Tweak Pins…

New Tour Poster for Voice of Addiction – Poutine and Pastrami Tour

Here it is, inspired vaguely by the 80’s video game Rampage, it’s Voice of Addictions new tour poster! The handso

Flyer for The Damn Tracks’s Release Show, Lost Years, The Commonwealth of American Natives, and The Cheap Dates at The Burlington on 2016-06-18

Bonus points for whoever knows god.

Flyer for Assassination Squade, Welfare Beer League, Full Monty, and We’ve Got Ours at Liar’s Club on 2016-07-29

Flyer for Hotlips Messiah, EZ Kebage, S.V.U., and Voice of Addiction at Liars Clup on 2016-07-01

Flyer for Assassination Squad, The Distractions, Get Up & Go, Cheating at Solitaire at Liar’s Club on 2016-05-20

[NEW] Flyer for TurboVamp’s 10 Year anniversary, Johnny Automatic, Pastaways, The Kreutzer Sonata at Liar’s Club on 2016-06-03

Puppet Master V2

Original is here

Cleaning up the Puppeteer sped up 32x

[UPDATED] Flyer for TurboVamp’s 10 Year anniversary, Johnny Automatic, Pastaways, The Kreutzer Sonata at Liar’s Club on 2016-06-03

Flyer has been replaced with this one.

Getting a feeling for the Puppeteer, sped up 32x

New beginning to the Puppeteer sketch sped up 32x


Poster for my friend Jakob Levi Smith’s Senior Recital, “Lush Life”

My buddy Jake’s Senior Recital is coming up and I had an idea for a poster. I was able to finish it (even after stupidl

Flyer for Voice of Addiction’s Tour Kickoff, The Rackatees, Butchered and The C-Sides at The Burlington on 2016-05-06

Flyer for Welfare Beer League, The Biscaynies, Headspins, and Fosterhome at The Mutiny on 2016-04-29

Flier for Voice of Addiction, Butchered, and BUD at Reptile Palace on 2016-04-02

Flyer for Skychief, Voice of Addiction, and Chomp at Annabell’s on 2016-04-22

Flyer for Bottle Kids, Pass the Flask, Kobanes and Assassination Squad at Burlington on 2016-03-26

Some photos from my roof

It’s in the 30s*, not too cold, and no wind. I ran up to the roof with my 70-300mm Sigma  DG and snapped off a few sho

Flyer for The Land Before Tim, Voice of Addiction, Solution Unsatisfactory, Will of Man and Local Catch as Cairo West on 2016-04-01

Flyer for Modern Day Rippers, Imbecile Missile, The Usuals and Welfare Beer League at Liars Club on 2016-03-04

Flyer for Die High, Voice of Addiction, and Ashell as The Burlington on 2016-02-25

Flyer for St. Thomas Boys Academy, Voice of Addiction, Full Monty, and Max Ether at Corktown Tavern DETROIT on 2016-03-12

Hell Toupee – a political rant

This whole election cycle is surreal. The GOP lineup is a bunch of corrupt scumbags. Is there one candidate (on either side) w

Making the horse more… horsey. Also, tracing. 20x sped up.


Changing up the horse on the VoA shirt concept. Sped up 20x


Flyer for Wrecking Ball Productions at Liar’s Club, Chicago on 2016-01-29

Flyer for Wrecking Ball Productions at Liar’s Club, Chicago on 2016-01-22

Voice of Addiction Lair’s Club

Adding to the game piece sketch

Early afternoon sketching, Dec. 13, 2015. Sped up 20x

Untitled Fall Triptych with Shit on the Lens, 2015

Ranting on guns

People who claim they own guns for self-protection? They are 32 TIMES more likely to murder someone than to kill someone in se

On hearing about a minister being arrested in Alabama for marrying two other women

You know, a woman just got arrested in Alabama for marrying a gay couple. She was fined and will spend time in jail. Think abo

SUPERMOVIES: I’m both excited and kind of disgusted by this glut of upcoming superhero movies.

I want to see a few of these upcoming movies but it strikes me that this is also yet another example of Hollywood’s te

I just made a pithy comment…


Reverse “rock-out” hand. Saint pose. Always watching.  

Reddit SketchDaily – May 22nd – Female Fashion

Just a quick sketch while eating lunch. May finish it later. Reference: Reddit link

Fitbit sensitivity

Reddit comment – Pheromone Idol

There was a comment in a reddit thread I was reading: Alright, everybody who wants to father my babies line up in a row and I&